Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wandering Moot Point

Two days without Henery passed with great uneasiness. April was mentally and physically drained. Though feeling low, handling the baby and the chores all by herself, she made a brave attempt to keep her spirits afloat. Oscillating between weal and woe April received a new lease of life when Mark paid a surprise visit one day.
Mark's arrival brought life back into her household. The moment he tenderly held June in his arms, he fell in love with her. But Henery...! There was no sign of him. Mark could sense something which wasn't right but preferred to stay tight lipped. He watched his sister with great pride...and why shouldn't he! Inspite of Henery's gnawing absence, which was breaking her from within, she refused to succumb. She had not a single complain. When Mark became inquisitive, she kept her doubts hidden behind a veil and cooked up convincing stories regarding Henery's where abouts, knowing in the heart of her hearts how unsure she was. Realising that he would be the cuckoo in the nest in his sister's house he alienated himself from the subject.

April was feeling the pressure and one day, she had even thought of going to the hospital to enquire about her husband but her feeble health held her back. Besides she didn't want her brother Mark to have any inkling of her agony. She waited for the right time.

In the evening when Mark took June out in a pram for a gentle stroll, she found the opportunity to call the hospital. 
"Hi Steffini!"It's April here. How are you?" she asked.
"Oh Hi! Congrates April for the baby. What a lovely surprise...you called. I'm quite fine. Any thing you want!!"she replied.
"Yah, just called to know if Henery was any where around?" she asked.
"Oh, he's in the surgery at the trauma centre. In case I chance a glance upon him I'll let him know that you had called. By the way, any problem April! Steffini asked as a friend.

"Oh no Steffini! Thanks. The mother and daughter duo is doing perfectly fine. Please don't disturb him. You know how it is when the baby arrives! You lack sleep...just wanted to know if he was coming home early tonight 'coz I wished to sleep. But poor thing, Henery himself needs sound sleep after 72hour's of back breaking schedule." she answered. Will call you again Steffini!" with a friendly chit-chat she hung it, cursing and regretting her devilish thoughts.
"How could I doubt! How could I! How mean of me! Oh poor Henery! He's on 72hour's roll!...and here I sit all day hallucinating! Oh god...help me! Polish my heart and fill it with the light of your mercy, compassion and warmth!"
A deep sense of guilt consumed her. Holding her head in both arms she dropped on the bed and let endless tears roll down as if she wished to wash away all the muck inside.
Just when she began to feel lighter and a lot better, the doorbell rang. April hurridly wiped her tears, brushed a stroke or two and clicked and pinched her cheeks lightly, for the glow to return. When the door opened ...outside stood Henery...exhausted. 

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