Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ramilla Turns Three

 Days rolled into months, and months into years, but nobody came for her. Long back, Dr. Nirmal had heard that after about a month and a half at the Civil Hospital, Kanta, Ramilla's biological mother, was discharged, on gaining back her health. She had  even cried at the loss of her daughter, they had said so. Nirmal had grown restless on hearing the news and was sure that the mother would surely visit him some day. But NO...! Nothing of that sort happened! No one came looking for the beautiful baby girl. What a relief it must have been for Nirmal to think that this piece of his heart would not be torn apart from him any more!

Ramilla had been a bubbly and a chirpy baby, loved by one and all in the hospital and also by the people on the other side of the hospital gate. Slowly the story of Ramilla's birth and her arrival into the family was no more on the lips of the people, it had died down probably. Or you can say, that people accepted Ramilla as a part of the doctor's family perhaps. Since,time is the best healer,so with time, all memories got shrouded in a hazy mist and Ramilla's advent into the world got pushed far back  into  the greater depths of  their subconscious mind, for good. All rejoiced her presence, anywhere and every where. In fact, she was accepted as a fortune child for all said that she brought great good luck to the family she visited. Much to Anya's annoyance, she would be invited and at times whisked away, by some, to grace their families with her auspicious presence. For a toddlerit all meant good time.

Anya and Nirmal gave in their all and with great care they reared the three together. Like Apu and Iti,  Ramy too turned out to be  a vibrant child.She had started to walk in her ninth month and talk...! Well she began her speech with free flowing fluent little pieces of poems. Every thing seemed to be unusual about her. She called Anya "Ma" and Nirmal "papa".

Her education began at home, by Anya. She was taught English and Maths. After reading a poem  together, Anya would explain it to her and then leave her with it to read it over and over again  so as to memorise it on her own. Ramy would fall prey to those beautiful colourful pictures of her book and would actually  begin to visualise the scenes. Later,she would enact it out before her "Papa", on his return from the hospital. This  is how the time flew by and before they could realise ,she had already turned three.

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