Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Designs Of Fate

She clutched on to Anya with small but tighter grip, refusing to part and no one made any efforts either, to steer her away to Col. Todd. Apu stood beside Anya holding on to her saree and Iti totally confused couldn't stop crying and yelling. It had been the toughest morning for N.K. Though Anya held the little girl tightly but her eyes bore a vaccant look. They were hard core eyes with no trace of fear or tear. Stoned eyed she stood emotionless...not stirring a bit.

It was getting late and Todd had to reach Dharamsala with a break at two places on the way. He had to leave few instructions at the excavating sites of Chaitru and Jwalamukhi. He didn't have the luxury to squander time so he came up to Anya himself, took Ramilla in his arms and went straight inside the jeep. As it began to move towards the hospital gate, all could see Ramilla clinging on to Colnel with eyes tightly shut which gave away few tears rolling down her round peachy cheeks. No one waved, all stood in a state of shock. Prem, the jeep driver saw through the rear mirror and brought the vehicle to a screechy halt.
"What happened? Why did you stop?" asked Todd.
"Memsaab has fainted!" he replied while getting out of his seat in a hurry.
Todd climbed down  the jeep with still clutching Ramilla in his arms. N.K stopped him from coming near Anya and said " Go back Todd, she'll be fine. Child's safety first. Don't bother I'll take care of her. She'll be fine. She's in good hands, don't you think so!". N.K gathered all his strength to bring in some humour.
Todd quietly nodded in affirmation with a slight smile at the corner of hiis lips as he returned to the jeep. Prem pressed on the accelerator and whisked them away, within a wink of an eye.

 Todd started off late so he made a slight change in his plans. Now, instead of Chaitru, he opted for Jwalamukhi. He thought of freshening up first, then eat and after that...to his camp.

Lowering Ramilla from his aching shoulder he looked at the serene face of the child and thought"Poor girl, must have fallen off to sleep...sobbing! I wonder what lies in store for her!"
Lost in his own thoughts he remembered N.K. and Anya and the richness of their hearts. It was just yesterday, when they were so happy and then...! It's so hard to discern our fate or destiny! Looking at Ramilla still in deep slumber beside him his heart went all out for the little one.
"How cruelly she has been treated even before her birth! And since then..., poor little thing!...in spite of having two  loving mothers she seems to be running wild like an orphan! How cruel thou art , oh heavens! How cruel indeed!" thought Todd looking high up at the clear blue sunshine filled sky.
"Is she actually gripped in the clutches of fate for a life time? Is there a way out? Anya says that life is eternal, then, Is she in this eternal trap? No...no...no..! There muat be a way out! There has to be...one atleast.....for my little one! When all seems lost....future remains! I'll find a way out for her. I'll bring the warmth of sunshine in her life! I'll ...yes, I'll....! Stay assured oh my tender one ....rest well..... be happy and safe....you'll be....,I promise....for I'm there!" Todd felt his spirits soar high and  all of a sudden, the sunshine which lay outside, spread it's warmth in his heart...filling it with absolute hope. He began to hum a few pieces which he composed then...

You just keep trusting me, Love
As you walk along;
You just keep trusting me, Love
I'l' give you a reason and a song

Though the storm clouds dark on the sky
Over that heavenly trail
You just keep trusting me Love

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