Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Early Life Of Ramilla

 Abandond at birth, the baby was warmly taken in by Dr. Nirmal and Anya. Without any glitches, their own two daughters welcomed her with open hearts. They became a family, as soon as Anya walked in through the door holding the baby in her arms, along with her husband.
"Why Ramilla Ma?" asked Anya's eldest daughter, Apoorva.
"Why Ramilla? Ma, I don't like this name." followed the other one.
"Oh! I must tell you how beautiful her name is!" replied Anya to Apoorva and Aditi.
"How can it be beautiful, it has no special meaning" replied the eldest Apoorva.
"Who said it hasn't any special meaning?" Anya said curtly.
"Ramilla...is made of...RAM...and...ILA. Do you know who Ram is?" asked Anya, looking at Apoorva.
"I know RAM is god." replied Apoorva quite interested in the conversation.
"Right! RAM means god and ILA ...! Do you know?" she asked her again. Apoorva nods in disappointing negation.
"And you Aditi! Do you know what ILA means?" she turns and aks her younger one, who nods a big NO".
"Very well then, I'll tell you what it means! Remember it always. ILA meeans The EARTH. "Anya gives her own made up analysis of the name. She knows that they are too young to question.
"So, Ramilla means THE CREATION OF GOD. Right! No problem with the name now!"
"But where is the earth?" asked Aditi again.
"What is earth ITI? Isn't it the creation of god?" answers Anya raising the girl's curiosity.
"To show that it is special ,we say that ILA means CREATION." answers Anya patiently.
"So when we put the two togetherRAM - ILLA, it becomes Creation of god." Anya feels that she could satisfy them with her reply.
"Oh Papa! the little one has a special name too like E.T and me!" Apoorva runs and jumps into Dr. Nirmal's arms. Shouting in excitment she says," so we three become sisters. Don't we!"
"Oh, calm down Apu! Come Iti( who was actually called E.T - Extra Terristorial). Come to Papa." calls their father.
"Yes! Now you two have a little sister too. Take good care of her.O.K!" tells Nirmal
This was enough to satisfy the ever questioning mind of the two. From then on there was no love lost between the three. 

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