Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Harbingers Of Hope

Storms are harbingers of hope of some sort. April was making efforts to be resilent. She saw Henery engrossed with their baby. He refused to leave her side.
"Oh my darling June! What a beautiful name! Isn't it!" he fondly talked to the baby to which baby June smiled and jerked her legs in the air with great gusto. This playful moment of father and daughter was cut short when Aril sent that piercing question,
"Where had you been Henery? Couldn't find you when I needed you the most!"
"Got syuck April!" Said Henery, casually, without looking up.
"Got stuck! What do you mean Got Stuck!" she shot back.
"Yes, Got Stuck. How can I explain! Now ..wait a second, why should I explain, don't you trust my words!" Henery showed signs of frustration and his tone reflected his irritation to such dumb questions.
"What can one do! How could I tackle that moment!" he said.
"Is there anything wrong! Oh how stupid of me...of course there is something terribly wrong. Can I be of any help Henery!" answered April, with a regretful voice. " Tell me!' she insisted.
"Nothing in particular. I'm on a tough duty. Got to go now. Please take care of yourself and the baby." He got up from his chair and prepared to leave.
"Where are you off to now!" asked April.
"To the hospital right now but don't forget to call me after an hour. At five I'll fix up a meeting with Mr. Reed and then visit him by this evening." he said. 
Henery left almost immediately.
Physically weak April felt helpless.
"What's wrong with him! I must find out what happened on saturday that my poor Henery is so disturbed!" she thought to ease her taut nerves.
Bewildered April spent her days anxiously, two days passed and there was no sign of Henery.

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