Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Resplendent Togetherness

"Oh Mark is back!"April sat up on the couch while putting her book down on the top of the side table. The summer sun sets late at Green Gate. Around this time, the hospital seems to be less busy and noisy. The soothing cool and crispy fresh air is a boon for the folks and they say it actually nourishes them to regain health and high spirits. Usually this comes as a much awaited oppertunity for April Angela to regain her energy and to read all those unread fresh releases of fiction. She is a voracious reader but loves to read books by Dr. Brian Weiss the most.

The jeep honked as it took the last of the hair pin bend from Longwood to Green Gate. It actually comes as a signal for the house staff to put on their respective caps while taking on their respective positions and wait at the main door and at the main gate, to welcome their master home.

April threw an inspecting gaze at Todd's picture perfect organised room. Everything was in order.
"Gearu,is so meticulous! He gives no reason to complain. What a perfectionist! The fellow is so old now but has been just this way ever since I can remember! softly talking in a hushed voice to her self April took pride in their prized possession.
Stroking her unkempt hair with a brush and fingers she switched on the lights for the wooden stairway and began to climb down.
"What would we have done without Gearu! He's simply too good for his job, so careful and observant that even the brass rods that hold the carpet on each stair is  sparkling ...and the carpet....it's fitted so neatly and tightly !" admired April. "Even this huge oval mirror standing at the main entrance, is polished well as if lending a broad smile ....absolutely ready to greet its master!" She felf satisfied  and the fulfillment of her being sneaked out through a light smile. Filled with joy April approached the main door...and outside the jeep announced the approach of the master with a short and a small blow of a horn.
"Welcome back Mark! Welcome home!" so saying she ushered in Col. Todd with a broad smile.Todd met her spirits in equal rhythm and with his rare and precious broad grin.
"Hi Angela! How have you been! Missed you for a long time this season! How are you?" answered Todd equalizing her spirits with his own enthusiasm and a rare and precious broad smile.
"Fine brother! Oh we've a little lady as a guest Mark! Welcome dear lady!" so saying April lifted Ramilla in her arms and then implanted a soft gentle kiss of welcome on her tender cheeks.

"Welcome to Green Gate!" said April and Ramilla instantly liked her warm fragrance. It reminded her of the those lavish spread of Jasmine near the portico which now filled the air where Maa was. Ramilla felt pulled and torn apart and to hide her tears she tightly hugged April.

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