Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Consuming Aches

 Ramilla was taken aback. April's words pierced her, through and through. She felt the jolt and numb all over.
"What happened! Why is Mama so troubled! Does she want to test me more! Is my real test not over yet!" confused Ramilla wondered. She had to find out and so she too bent her steps towards the hospital, in her favourite green chiffon frock.

April was on her usual daily rounds of the wards where she wasn't allowed. So, she waited for her in April's chamber. It wasn't a long wait though, but Ramilla with her head on the table softly placed within the folds of her arms, had dozed off to sleep. On finishing her rounds, April returned to her chamberand sawher little one sleeping silently, unaware of the high tides of her heart. She lovingly ran her hand through Ramilla's hair and said "My baby...oh my baby!" Ramilla stayed unperturbed. Finally sitting down on her chair April stretched and pushed her head back gently to let it lie on the back rest of her chair. With legs strtched out in front, under the table, it was a relaxed pose...but  a strange impatience consumed her. It appeared as if she was in a dream. She tried hard to get out of it but in vain! She couldn't resist the elements of her dream and felt strongly drawn towards it gradually. The poignancy of each moment pushed her deeper into those painful memories and soon she became a dream within a dream. Her resistance towards them made her utter"Go Away!" again and again, in quite loud cries.

Ramilla suddenly returned back from her doze and saw April again in that troubled state.Through her closed eyes, Ramilla saw the tears trickling down. She was disturbed and got up from her place to come closer to April. Then noticing the pain on her face, she tried to shake her up from her sleep. Crying her self Ramilla said "What is it Mama...see I'm here ...with you now! Open your eyes and see me....take my hand and feel me..Mama!"
April got up with a jerk and embraced Ramilla tightly and said "Don't cry baby! Don't. These tears are too precious for me. Moreover, I promise, I won't shed them ever again for I've done it enough....now no more. Fine!" April's smile returned with a pledge and Ramilla trusted with her whole heart.

But, what would April do with her memories of Henery....they kept on returning in flashes.

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