Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reverbrating Echoes

 April turned in bed with a warm smile. Together with Henery every thing reverbrated the joys of her heart. All looked so wonderful. The mornings were anxiously awaited and so were those glorious evenings! There was no love lost between them. Amidst that season of hope, they thought of tying the knot. Their final semester was over and their friends too rejoiced. The atmosphere was electric.
The wedding took place in a simple manner. Friends gorged on delicious food and had loads of fun. The two together looked a happy couple, absolutely dedicated. Soon a life began to take shape which had a multiplier effect on their joy. Their respective families back home sent them greetings. Mark in particular decided to add a comforting touch and announced his arrival for a month on vaccation. April was happy but Henery...!The flow of letters for Henery dropped and finally ceased. It disturbed him. April became irregular at Medical College due to her advanced stage which made her stay back quite often. It was one such day when a visitor dropped in search of Henery.
"When will he be back?" he asked
"It'll be late today, he is handling surgery this week." replied April
The man asked her to drop in a word from his side when he returned and then contemplating something he suddenly asked for some paper and a pen. April obliged. The man held it against the wall and wrote down something. Handing it over to April he said " Please don't forget to give him this."
April answered "Oh sure! I won't. Please drop in when ever you can." she said warmly.
The man said "Thank You!" and left.
April opened the folds and read "Visit us at 45 Bewly Road, West Midlands."
On his return after he read it, Henery decided to meet the man that same weekend.  April would stay back and rest. The week passed contemplating their trip back home and early that saturday morning Henery left to meet the unknown man.


April was distressed. All alone, she felt nervous  and called her doctor, who advised immidiate hospitalisation. She had no means of informing Henery. With great effort she called the ambulance and left a note with her compassionate neighbours before leaving for Maple Hospital. Henery didn't visit her there till the next day. She grew anxious and her blood pressure shot up. It was a difficult time and April fought it all alone...all by herself. Soon the baby shifted it's position and came to occipito posterior position. An alarming position especially when it's neck gets entwined in the curls of nourishing placenta. C.S had to be done. With no one beside April trembled anticipating the pain, fear and that huge monetary burden. She had no one to turn to. Henery quietly abstained from the scene.

The baby arrived amidst these challenging moments. When April reurned from her deep slumber under the effects of anesthesia, she found Henery sitting beside with her hands tightly held in his. The pain returned but she felt light in her head ...all that stress vanished, simply by looking at Henery's face.

The brightness of her tiny round face made Henery name her June. He would always say, " My April turns to June." 

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