Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The rest of the day, the two stayed together. Their laughter reverbrated in the air of Green Gate.
" It is so nice to see them together." thought Gearu Ram, as he came out into the lush green lawn and asked "Shall I get you some tea... and snacks for Baby?" April and June nodded together, with grand smiles. Gearu smiled back and went in to fetch them something to munch as they talked. Together they hugged their silvery shiny oak and kissed it tightly. Still holding the tree in their strong embrace they shared their unfathomable eternal joys. It was real fun.

"June, why are you so scared to enter Mark's room?' April asked. Ramilla fell silent.
"What happened! Answer me! Baby!"she poked her again.
"In that room Daddy left you and me ...and went away...never to return. I hate that room, I hate it." answered Ramilla with loud gestures.

The smiles and laughter died yet again. Ramilla had stepped on the most painful nerve .

"After he left and after I stopped crying I noticed a face on one of it's walls." Ramilla added."It is ugly and scary"

All of a sudden April remembered how June would scream if ever she let her in that room and the day of her passing away too became vivid before her.
"I floated away from that room...don't you remember Mama!' said Ramilla quietly.
April simply sprang up and held Ramilla tightly and said "Today... you're back from that long journey to nowhere...you were always with me...and so shaii you be!' said April strongly.
Gearu Ram brought their tea and cookies and a glass of milk for Ramilla. Diving into the platefull of cookies Ramilla asked "Tell me about Daddy Mama! What happened ...  that he had to leave us/"

April too thought that it the time was fast approaching to speak her heart out to her Baby but she needed to compile her thoughts well which meant some more time, so she said 'Sure, I will...  but not today...someday later"

That night as April lay in bed, Henery's face became vivid and live before her. Ever since he left, she had thought of him every passing day. She had complete information and knew how he was and what sort of life he was leading! Today she wanted to visit that bygone era and listen to those moments of vanished beats. Ramilla's question had to be answered...and answered well.

It had been pleasant and happy times, when she first approached Henery on her first day at The Royal College of Medicine, England. She had lost her way to the class, after their anatomy lab. Henery was passing by and on approaching him he asked her to come along. From strangers they turned into pleasant acquaintances. Neither of the two had any clue of their destined path. Regular greetings with  slight nods of familiarity in no time turned into friendship. The process of inter personal relationship is exciting but strange! It catches on like the wild forest fire. Soon their hearts were caught in the  passionate blaze of love. It spread like flu, from one to the other. Henery unable to hold on to that passion, on his own, silently, gave in and had actually gone up to April and proposed. And the ever shy April accepted it.
"Out of so many why did they had to come together!" April thought. She was trying to figure out the will of the lord. Now it was simple to understand.

Both had their roots in India.

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