Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Silvery Shiny Oak

A shiver wafts through April. The cold quiver left her numb and speechless. After a long stillness, she felt a tight grip and looked down. It was Ramilla's tight embrace. Trying to break free from her hold she forcibly unlocked Ramilla's clasp and turned away from her. "Mama, don't go! Don't leave me this time!" cried Ramilla. For a moment April's footsteps stopped but she didn't turn. Ramilla hastily came forward face to face with her almost blocking her way and said "I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm sorry , I shouldn't have uttered ....! But it's true!"
April though listened but ignored every word and went inside the house, leaving Ramilla with a  deep sense of regret.

Ramilla returned to the old wise oak tree and gazed at it intently." Yes, it's that one!" she said and embracing it's huge trunk she began to weep silent tears.
"Let no one accept, but like me, you too know, this is true! I was here before. I loved you before. It's my another chance to make good of life that was cut short last time. I'll tell you all. Mama might not accept and I don't have means to prove either. So what!...I'll always be June to her" Sobbed Ramilla.

The oak tree stood silent witness to the eternity of life. The silver shiny leaves dazzled the moment with it's sparkling brilliance as if saying  "Ramilla, stop crying! Gather your spirits and listen to me! This flow is called life. We come and go to come back again. Your coming back is mystic.... but true. Make good what still remains incomplete and undone. Mama will be yours again and remain so all through." With tender loving kindness Ramilla ran her palm over the bark of it's trunk ...and suddenly her fingers touched upon a smooth surface whose contours, she felt were slightly varied and didn't seem to match with the rest, so she bent over to have a look. She saw  that there lay engraved on Silvery Shiny Oak's trunk those four letters...JUNE... ! They appeared old carvings which had turned brown. Ramilla quietly kissed it with trembling lips and said softly "Thank You My Silvery Shiny Oak! Thank You!" and she too turned towards the door.  

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