Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Seasons Of The Past

 "No I'm not hungry. I want to be with you." said June.
"Fine then. I'll wait downstairs till you are finished with your studies and then we can be together and talk and laugh our lungs out." answered April, "Oh by the way! I'll be on my rounds in the ward...so take your time."
April was the witness of the mysticity of life. Celebrating her reunion silently, she was in her state of euphoria and ecstacy. In spite of this sudden excitment she couldn't forget to thank the lord and said a silent prayer in her heart. Returning to the silvery oak, she held it in her tight embrace and kissed it with all her might. The oak too understood and rejoiced...and the moments of life chimed away with brilliant radiant hope.The silver shine on the back of the otherwise green oak leaves sparkled in full glory, as if acknowledging the joys of her heart, which were full of pain and yearning till yesterday.

Every moment comes as a complete package deal of garbs and gifts. With so much of happiness came along the thoughts of Henery, flooding her heart mind and soul completely. April fought back yet again. She desperately tried to jerk them away. Just then, June came out of the house, dressed in a green smoked chiffon frock and heard April say "Go away!...just leave me alone...Go away,...will you! Then she hurriedly rushed towards the hospital.

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