Tuesday, February 15, 2011

April Turns To June

Learning bitter sweet lessons so early in life didn’t dampen Ramilla’s enthusiasm, instead they turned her into a greedy learner.
She moved in with April. They shared space, time, every aspect of their lives, above all their hearts.  Slowly it seeped into her that the lurking suspicion of the approaching moments was actually the basic texture of her life, and she could do nothing about it. These awakenings happened, little by little ,almost every day and she began to accept that in principle. Meeting April was the biggest break through for her. Her huge presence helped Ramilla to look straight into the eyes of the coming moments, with snigger, and continue to dream on. The flood of emotions that came like tsunamis to wrap her in pain and grief was the only thing she couldn’t tackle but she had to learn to be calmer still.

“I’m happy then why these tears keep returning back again and again!” she asked herself sitting under the silvery oak tree.
Gearu Ram brought tea and arranged the garden chairs for two while Ramilla intently practised some problems from Rational Numbers in Mathematics sitting under her favourite silver oak tree. April came out in the clear bright sunshine and walked straight towards Ramilla and said "come let's have some light tea. Just you and me."
"No, I hate tea it'll turn my complexion dark." answered Ramilla without raising her eyes.
"O.k! That's what you really think! Then fine don't take tea but take these coockies." April answered laughing away to glory.
"No. I'm not hungry." came a quick reply.
"Oh Ramy, at least come and sit closer to me so that we can talk a bit."requested April 
"No I'm practising my maths and don't ask me to move. I love my silvry shiny oak." Replied Ramilla
'Silvery shiny oak"  This one phrase caught April's attention  and she said "What's so grand about this oak tree!"

"It's been with me ever since Henry Moore planted it." Ramilla answered casually with her gaze fixed at the sum she was solving.
"What? Come again!" asked April with a slight jerk in her voice.
"I was here before April." came a serious reply
A chill ran downApril's spine. Keeping her cup of tea down she came closer to Ramilla  and touched her forehead.
"Arn't you well! What are you talking?" she asked
"You don't believe me!...you!...I'm June....I'll show you my name...come ! Remember you etched it for me here on my Silvery Oak's trunk....I'm your June Mama!  Ramilla hugged April tightly as she said.  

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