Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Exodus

 Col. Todd and N. K (as addressed by Todd) listened intently to her side of the story and were contemplating ways to save her withered soul when Anya joined them.
"Poor woman!" she said.
"Don't feel sorry for her Anee! Look at her courage and that tremendous zeal for life! She is truely a brave heart! What do you say N.K" answered Todd almost cutting short Anya's conversation.
"Hmm...I'm thinking how brutally battered and bruised she is from within yet her eyes express that strong desire to live! So just to safeguard her physically won't be enough we need to save her soul. But how! Well that's bothering me. What must I do to liberate her mind from fear,suffering, shame, guilt and humiliation!" spoke Nirmal quietly.
"Why Nirmal! Let's nurture her back to strength and then we can enroll her as a mid wife in the hospital." came an encouraging idea from Anya.
"Wow! That would be good! We want to help her so that she's able to hold on to life with courage, grace, poise and dignity, don't we! Then what could be better than making her self- reliant!'answered Todd with great enthusiasm."Anya is right, N. K, let's administer her back tohealth."

Though they spoke amongst themselves in English, a language alien to her, yet she was intently studying their gestures. It's difficult to know what made her think so but Kanta rasped out a plea,"Save my daughter saheb! Save my daughter!"
Then in a fit of fear she began to cry loudly flinging her arms on all sides. The noise drew the attention of many and few nurses, ward boys and even the compounder gathered at Nirmal's house. It was almost 8o'clock at night. The children couldn't hold themselves in either and came and stood at the threshhold of their room aghast while Ramilla peeped  from behind those long drapes. Anya consoled her and gently rubbed her back with her soft and gentle strokes.
"You are good people.You don't know, they'll not leave my baby in comforting hands. They'll soon come for her. Saheb, please save my daughter." said Kanta almost begging Nirmal.
"No Kanta, noone can take my daughter away from me. It'll be unlawful."said Anya thinking of pacifying her but Nirmal spoke just then,
"Stop it Anya! Stop fooling her. Look at her impoverished body! Those people have already put this woman on the path of silent death by their imposed starvation. You know who they are! They are ruthless stone hearted murderers" he spoke venom
"Yes it's true Anee!" spoke Col with a gentle touch
"Ramilla isn't safe here Anya. She must leave us at once for her own good. She'll be away but safe ...pursuing her journey the way she wants.Let her go and don't sacrifice her for the sake of your affections."spoke Nirmal gathering all his courage.
Anya dropped on the nearest chairlike a stone. She was quiet for a while and then said,"Where will Ramilla go?"
"She'll come with me. I'll take her now but will also bring her back when you wish to see her."remarked Todd.....to be contd  

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