Friday, January 21, 2011


                                                                                Chapter 1

Before entering the plains,the river ran through two villages, each on its either side. Inspite of being situated on the slopes of lower ranges of the mountain and being a hilly area, the place where the course of the river lay near these two villages, was actually a pebbled flat land. It appeared as if the river ran through a valley. Here, its water had no depth at all. The river bed could be seen crystal clear. Many round shaped big and small bolders were placed here and there all along it's course. some even lay within it's waters as if, to restrict their flow. The flowing waters know no obstruction, they just know to move on, if anything hinders their flow, they change their course and pave new roads, new paths for themselves, without ever succumbing to stagnation.

The river had great speed in it's currents, which travelled, hitting and pounding the rocks on the way, splashing its water by turning into a spray of innumerable tiny droplets. This way, the river had been traversing a great distance from the mighty Himalayas to the Gangetic plains, since time unknown.

Farming and cattle-rearing were the two main occupations in which, the entire populace of the villages was engaged. There were few families though, in both the villages, whose occupation was sheep rearing. They were nomadic people, who dependent on sheep for it's wool and meat.Into one such family Ramilla was be contd.


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  2. I did not know you have posting here under Spiriha...glad I came and read this chapter again, absolutely love the scenes you've painted. I am a country / nature girl at heart, spent most of my childhood going back and forth from the city back to countryside